Miracle of Love

Presented by OGM Universe


Ali Tahir, a commander in the 1921 Battle of Sakarya, made a costly mistake but was resurrected by the “Water of Life” and ceased aging. As Kemal in 2023, he meets Harika. Will she hold the answers to his mysterious, never-ending life?

Company Info & Contacts

OGM UNIVERSE, powered by OGM Pictures, was established in 2022 to centralize and distribute top Turkish drama series globally. Through partnerships and collaborations, it aims to connect with international buyers, offering a diverse portfolio of Turkish content. Expanding into new markets is one of the company’s goals, as well as collaborating and co-producing with global partners in the future. With this move, the company is strengthening global ties, fostering direct relationships, and positioning itself as the world’s go-to source for Turkish drama.

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