One Love

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One Love


Visit Amo and Ama on the planet One Love and learn about emotions, kindness, courage, friendship and the power of love.

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It’s another exciting year! MeteoHeroes—now in its second series and inspiring four TV movies—is a hit in over 180 countries and 20 languages, expanding to Asia and, thanks to Kenn Viselman’s itsy bitsy Entertainment Company, the U.S. A Sony Playstation video game, MeteoHeroes—Saving Planet Earth, is available internationally on the Playstation store. We‘re working with family entertainment company Toon2Tango on the co-production and distribution of Monster Loving Maniacs, Agent 203, The Wee Littles and Grisù. Our own series, Annie & Carola, is now in production with Clan and Rai Kids on board. New plans include One Love, a preschool show based on a popular series of musical shorts made for Rai Kids. It’s a co-production with Mondo TV and T-Rex Digimation. L&M and distribution success continues. And Mondo TV Studios is growing as an international production and animation service hub, including areas such as video games.

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