One of Our H-Bombs Is Missing

Presented by BoPaul Media Worldwide


Featuring elements of the best Cold War thrillers—action/adventure, a cover-up, high-stakes diplomatic negotiations and the race to clean up a potential environmental disaster—One of Our H-Bombs Is Missing presents the definitive account of the worst nuclear weapons disaster of all time. With nuclear weapons on the world’s mind thanks to the blockbuster movie Oppenheimer, all of this will absolutely resonate with contemporary audiences in a powerful way. John Scheinfeld (writer/producer/director), Tim Naftali (writer/producer) and Paul Rich (executive producer).

Company Info & Contacts

BoPaul Media Worldwide, a leading distributor of vintage films over the past 20 years, is collaborating with its longtime production partner John Scheinfeld and his world-leading documentary film company, Crew Neck Productions, in the thriller documentary series One of Our H-Bombs is Missing.

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