Percy’s Tiger Tales

Presented by Superights


Stars four great friends exploring different imaginary worlds and imagining hectic stories: Percy would like to be a noble knight, Sissabelle a fairy princess, Tattoo a reckless pirate and FlapFlap a superhero. Four themed specials are currently in production, one for each period of the year: Christmas, Halloween, Summer and Carnival!

Company Info & Contacts

Superights is a key international youth content provider for the global market with well-established broadcasting partners all over the world and more than 25 producers! Our activity includes all rights, from traditional TV to VOD platforms, licensing and merchandising, theatrical, home video and more, with an expert team speaking multiple languages (French, English, Spanish, Italian). We operate from Paris, Milan, New York and Los Angeles. Superights has been nominated for Unifrance’s TV Export Award in 2022 and awarded Best European Investor/Distributor of the Year by Cartoon Forum Tributes in 2015.

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