Price of Passion

Presented by Kanal D International


Ferhat (İbrahim Çelikkol) is a cold-blooded hitman with a traumatic past. He works for his criminal uncle Namık (Muhammet Uzuner). Aslı (Birce Akalay) is a young, idealistic surgeon who wishes to serve humanity. Their paths cross when Aslı performs surgery on a man that Ferhat shot. Aslı accidentally puts herself in a difficult situation due to the surgery, forcing her to marry Ferhat to preserve her life. The two, who are as opposite from one another as black and white, are stuck in power games and must get along. But Ferhat’s life is too dirty for an innocent love story. What happens when the woman who saves lives is captured by the man who takes lives? A passionate love is about to be born.

Company Info & Contacts

Kanal D International is the global business arm of Kanal D, the leading TV channel of the Turkish broadcasting world. Operating under Europe’s leading media organization, Demirören Media Group, Kanal D has been creating quality content for the past 28 years. Accompanied by the Kanal D International Networks brand, Kanal D International has grown within the content world to reach the end user since 2018. The distribution arm of the company continues its activities under Kanal D International, and Kanal D International Networks is the business line that holds all linear assets. Kanal D Drama is the first Turkish drama channel that was established in LatAm and Europe and the first to enter the U.S. market. Today, it continues to present a never-before-seen experience of premium Turkish content.

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