The Ambassador’s Daughter

Presented by Inter Medya


(Drama, 180×45 min.) Sancar is the son of a poor woodchopper and has never left Muğla. Nare is the daughter of an ambassador and a world citizen who grew up in Oslo, Tokyo, Cape Town, New Delhi and Ottawa. Growing up, Sancar learned about the world from Nare, while Nare learned about her country. Always longing for one another, they only saw each other two days a year, but there were never two minutes they did not think of each other. Fighting for their love, they resisted dragons, talked against pharaohs and swung their swords against heathens. But on the night they were going to unite, Nare disappeared. Some said she fell into the sea and died, others said she ran away to Europe. Now, the ambassador’s daughter who disappeared on one wedding night reappears on another wedding night. As you know, swashbucklers only kneel down while dancing the zeibek. Sancar put his knee on the ground and came to a stop in front of the ambassador’s daughter. After this, was neither an epic nor a lie, only a war.

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