The Celeb Challenge

Presented by Onza Distribution


Eight celebrities must overcome impossible challenges. A coach will help them face challenges each week that will test their physical and mental limits. (Talent format, S1: 8×120 min., S2: 10×120 min., S3: 10×120 min., S4: 9×120 min.)

Company Info & Contacts

Onza is an international content distributor and leading content producer. It has become one of the largest distributors in Spain. It offers a one-of-a-kind service with a content portfolio that includes series, telenovelas, documentaries, fiction and entertainment formats, reaching more than 120 countries. Operating offices in Madrid, Onza distributes quality content that has reached several continents, crossed cultural and linguistic barriers, and obtained international recognition for its outstanding ratings throughout the world. Focusing on global exploitation and transmedia, Onza’s team of international salespeople has a presence in the main international TV markets. It is one of the largest independent distributors of content across all forms of media, working with channels and platforms all around the world.

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