The Honest Realtor

Presented by NHK Enterprises


Season two is coming soon. Nagase Saichi will lie to close a deal. That’s how he stays at number one in real estate sales. But one day, he can no longer lie. Can he stay alive in a cutthroat industry? Based on a popular manga and starring Yamashita Tomohisa. (S1: 10×45 min., S2: 10×44 min. & 1×90 min.)

Company Info & Contacts

NHK Enterprises, Inc. (NEP) is the international distribution/production affiliate of NHK, Japan’s sole public broadcaster. It handles high-quality programs in various genres, including documentaries, children’s & education, animation, drama and non-scripted/scripted formats. As NHK has spearheaded the development of 4K and 8K technologies, NEP boasts a vast library of 4K and 8K contents.

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