Twisted Lives

Presented by Calinos Entertainment


Korkmaz and Iskender have been dear friends for 40 years. Iskender heads many illegal operations in Bodrum, a coastal town in southwestern Turkey. Many years ago, Korkmaz was found by Iskender on the verge of dying. He saves him, and Korkmaz grows up to become Iskender’s hitman. Korkmaz and Huri, Iskender’s sister, fall in love but are forced to marry others. Twenty-two years later, Metin, Korkmaz’s lost son, kills Iskender’s only heir, Yigit. This friendship will become a relentless chase that will destroy many people’s lives, including Huri and Sibel, the abandoned love of Metin’s life and their secret child.

Company Info & Contacts

Calinos Entertainment is the first Turkish company to export Turkish series, movies and television programs on an international platform. So far, Calinos has sold over 112,000 hours of TV programming to more than 105 countries on five continents by distributing more than 200 programs. Calinos Entertainment’s mission is to spread joy to global audiences, to make them “enjoy the drama” by enhancing the presence of Calinos dramas on all the platforms, in every country, with the phenomenal content.

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