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Detective thrillers play at untangling deep psychological knots through unexpected turns of human darkness, all while struggling to solve the next bizarre murder.

Company Info & Contacts

Bavaria Media International is a division of Bavaria Media GmbH and a subsidiary of Bavaria Film Group. Bavaria Media GmbH offers comprehensive services in content distribution, licensing and music publishing. It excels in managing rights and forming worldwide partnerships. Its extensive catalog features over 20,000 programming hours, including classics like Berlin Alexanderplatz, The Manns and Das Boot, as well as television hits like Storm of Love, Einstein High and Young Doctors. It also regularly adds partner-produced programming from the German public television sector and acquires international high-quality projects. With Bavaria Media International as your partner, you gain access to a vast network of producers, marketing experts and global distribution services. It is dedicated to serving your unique content needs, helping you reach wider audiences and unlock new markets.

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