Joy Eternal

Presented by Pink Parrot Media


Joy, a 16-year-old girl, tries to take down the murderous mega-corporation H&H. She fails twice, resulting in her parents’ deaths and her own. She is offered a place in an afterlife paradise but feels unworthy and turns it down. She then learns that H&H also exists in the afterlife, so she teams up with geeky security intern Oogle to destroy the company once and for all.

Company Info & Contacts

Pink Parrot Media is an international sales company that specializes in animation and live-action family entertainment. The company is active in distribution, acquisitions, packaging and financing projects as well as co-production opportunities. Our main focus is high-quality CGI animation feature films and animated TV series, with a strong storytelling element, but we are also very keen on good and high-quality 2D animation feature-length projects.

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