Louis the Piglet

Presented by Pink Parrot Media


Louis would be just like every other piglet if it weren’t for his long nose and his love of knights’ tales. When his mean cousin Bruno comes for a visit, Louis becomes the primary target of his bullying. Together with his best friend Rascal he sets off on the greatest journey of their lives—a quest to find the long-lost Magic Helmet of the legendary knight Sir Henry. (S1: 13×13 min., S2: 13×13 min. in dvmpt.)

Company Info & Contacts

Pink Parrot Media is an international sales company that specializes in animation and live-action family entertainment. The company is active in distribution, acquisitions, packaging and financing projects as well as co-production opportunities. Our main focus is high-quality CGI animation feature films and animated TV series, with a strong storytelling element, but we are also very keen on good and high-quality 2D animation feature-length projects.

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